Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Reusable Bag Month!

Did you know that simply by using a reusable bag you can cut your ecological footprint? You’ll also begin to make a dent in the waste and pollution that sees 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees wasted each year to make plastic and paper bags.

Most plastic bags are made from polyethylene, which is made from crude oil and natural gas, nonrenewable resources. This increases our dependency on foreign suppliers. Additionally, prospecting and drilling for these resources contributes to the destruction of fragile habitats and ecosystems around the world.

This is such a simple step that will really make a difference—just Bring Your Own Bag when you go shopping. You can usually find tons of canvas or other sturdy bags at thrift stores. Who cares if they have some company logos on them! Many stores also give you a few cents off for each cloth bag you use. If you feel like you must buy new bags, you can take the Carbon Conscious Consumer pledge, and you'll also get a 20% discount to use at!


Jenny said...

I didn't know it was reusable bag month. One of the best things about reusable bags is not having a cabinet full of the plastic ones waiting for to be useful.

Grateful for Grace said...

Thanks for the reminder. I keep meaning to buy these and forget. Love the idea of bags from a resale shop... wish you had posted this back in Oct before I had my moving garage sale. Ü


Tara B. said...

SO glad to see you blogging again! I didn't realize it was reusable bag month and I just blogged about reusable bags last weekend!
Tara B/Samurai Mom

Dana Miller said...

BaggyShirts Reusable Bags Made From Recycled Clothing for a Healthier Planet! Made in the US, by artisans in their homes - and they are paid a decent wage- check them out at!

Peg said...

We just started doing this. I have even knit two of ours. I love them and I love not having all those plastic bags (or paper) in my house cluttering it up. Great post!

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